A Woman

By: Bailey Stephens

She was born on the cusp of dawn, seeing her reign as one of brightness.

Ultra violet rays touched her head and became her hair.

Her eyes were grey like a violent storm, unreleased.

The clouds held her body together and wind moved her around her new world.

She began her journey around the world, witnessing its magnitude and greatness.

By noon, her hair had yellowed out significantly, the orange and red stripes of dawn disappearing completely.

The clouds had started to dissipate but she still pulled herself together.

She wanted to see more.

She had traveled very far by now, over oceans and mountains and caves and fields and forests and nature, she loved the earth.

The nature and beauty had changed her into a kind and caring force.

The she began to set, and her yellow rays turned into a deep orange, and she began to lose herself.

That was when she noticed them, the humans.

Although they had a great capacity for love, their violence, destruction, and idiocracy blinded them.

They did not see their own destructive path.

They were hurting her favorite part of this world.

So, with her dying breath, she expanded and scorched the earth in a vale of maroon.

All life died, but the Earth revived itself.

She died in a joyous rage that she had saved the love of her life.

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