How Marriages End

By: C.J. Shaleesh

      It so happens that I have come to realize the reality of marriage. And it so happens that I want to be married to you, not this small town life. Yet you have made the one-sided decision that the two can’t be separated, and I must either be married to both or neither.

        I choose neither.

        This day reflects the perception of a perfect image. Perfect enough to bring things to a conclusive end.

        Hues of blushing bubbles and giddy lavender come in through the crinkled eggshell linen curtains. The morning light forces its way into our room to illuminate and enhance your natural radiance as you lay on our bed, a place where we connected body and mind.

        Adoringly watching you sleep is routine, however the sentiment flows deeper today. Your quiet purr-like snores sound like pleas you don’t even realize that you want to make. You are so contentedly asleep that you don’t notice when I swiftly insert the needle in the back of your neck, releasing the Succinylcholine into your bloodstream.

        It is finally time to change our ways.

        Now that you are paralyzed physically, I tie your arms and legs to the wooden bedframe with pale pink chiffon ribbons. From every angle, you have transformed into the ideal canvas, just waiting for me to give you flaws.

        I begin carving your toes. Then gradually I mark my rune-filled design until I finish at the crown of your head. With each deep slash, I feel as if I can feel the spine of the bones being cut. As your skin and muscles unfold with the grace of a blooming gardenia, I have never felt more passionately in love with you. Never have you been more exposed, revealing your entire being. The more your blood splatters and fondles me, the more I feel as though your true heart is becoming eternally infused with my skin.

        You, my masterpiece, are complete.

        I can finally relax in the velvet corner chair to watch the real show, your body and soul untwining as you bleed out. No more is our fate altered by your decisions. No more do you have free will. Your time now, like you, is wholly mine. And I just have to wait for your soul to fully dissipates. Then, I can move away.

        My wife, it is time for you to take your last breath of life. Why couldn’t you realize sooner that this marriage couldn’t sustain two beating hearts?

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