Are you forgotten or erased?

By: C.J. Shaleesh

I want you to know,

if just this one thing,


there are two types of hidden people in the world:

the forgotten and the erased.


The forgotten are those who were once known,

secretly long to still be known,

yet face a contemplative end.


They hide in crowds.

They hide when they are alone.

They are always in an internal debate

between their repressed selves

and the selves they used to display.


The erased are those with impalpable souls.

No matter if they live life flamboyantly or timidly,

there will be no one to remember their essence.


They live by never impacting anyone,

even if they try to.

They live by noticing the nuances in life

and freely making judgments,

because there is not a single person to care.


I am an erased person

who can’t erase forget.


An observer to a world

that will never know me.

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