To: Francium

By: Angelica Perez

We used to create worlds out of blue and green stick figure drawings

They inhabited small yellow sticky notes 

Their big bang was a plain red circle

The creators were me Potassium

and you Francium.


Soon the green and blue figures moved to our arms

where mini stick figure wars used to take place.


Storyboards started emerging

and one day

Francium decided to voice these figures

I would voice the blue drawings

While francium voiced the green ones.

We were the perfect duo.


A year later you took on the stage 

to give life to Arvide

I was the spotlight that followed your steps on stage while you sang

In the end

We would take in the audience’s applause.

We were in the perfect theater group. 


A year later I gave you my last smile 


Little did I know that was going to be the last time I saw you


July 13th happened


Little did I know that date was going to bring a world of tears 

Little did I know our perfect duo was broken.


I hated that date for months 

I hid all our of drawings because they reminded me of the day

you unexpectedly left.


A year later I took those drawings out and


not because I remembered the date 

But because I remembered our friendship in chemistry class.

I remembered all the times you made me laugh when I was down

The times when we used to crack chemistry puns

Or the times where we would both dance to our heart’s content.

I remembered how happy I was to have you in my life.


Even if I can’t see you anymore

our memories will always vividly replay in my mind.

Even if we can’t create new drawings

I will look back on the ones I kept

and I will laugh at how silly they look.


I will laugh at the fact that we called each other as elements 

instead of our names.


From: Potassium

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