Says the Clock

By: Nicole Zodrow

Tick-tock, tock-tick, tick-tock recites the clock.

A witness to passing scenes is the clock.


While the bright sun rises up in the sky,

it simply sits and tick-tocks like all clocks.


“The morning is here now! Time to wake up!”

when chaos is heard from the alert clock.


“There are meetings and places to go to

at this time,” so reminds the ticking clock.


“Can you feel while you tick?” I ask one day.

“No, I can’t,” so answers the ticking clock.


“My two hands tediously sweep forward

while a year runs past me, just like all clocks,


Yet as the days go by with their schedule,

people look at me for comfort, a clock…”


“I am able to understand numbers

and the tick-tock rhythm,” replies the clock.


“I can tell at what time you were born and

the time spent at school or work,” lists the clock.


“I can tell when’s the party or first date,

but not how one’s life was lived,” states the clock.


I answer, “They do that to look for Time

and his swift movements pictured in you, Clock.”


“But you’re the one who moves Time,” says the clock,

“I just sit here and tick-tock like all clocks.”


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