Do Not Settle

By: Sarah DeWhitt

To the young girl dreaming of love and affection,

Do not settle.

The world will tell you to take what you can get,

to catch a partner before your beauty shrivels up and crumbles,

because who could ever love on the principle of personality alone?

They will reject you if you seem too self-righteous or self-respecting.

After all, who are you to have high standards?

Your body is simply a piece of meat to be consumed by anyone willing to say the right words and pay attention.

Then again, you cannot be too loose,

willing to bend and practically break for anyone who looks your way.

Do not settle.

When loneliness creeps in, threatening to stay forever,

know that it cannot consume you unless you give it power.

It will tell you that you are the problem, that you are unlovable.

The world will begin to label you as undesirable, too haughty,

or any name that can comprehend, but, in reality, they covet what you have.

Do not settle.

One day, though it may seem far away,

someone will come and treat you as you know you deserve to be treated.

On that day, do not be caught up in an unfulfilling romance.

It is better to wait for the one who will know your worth than to assign yourself worth based on having a partner.

When they try to tell you what you are worth, you must know your worth,

or else no one else will.

…So do not settle.

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